Teknik Language Specification fields 10-20

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****************************** Topic Definitions ******************************

1 Common words and phrases
1.1 General intros
1.1.1 Daily intros First time intros Greetings & Salutations
** so, the code for the English word 'Hello' would read:
** "a7ffffff6"&"01010111001" Personal questions Goodbyes Confirmations
1.1.2 Long-time no see
1.2 Small talk
1.2.1 Weather Temperature High - degrees F Low - degrees F High - degrees C Low - degrees C High - degrees K Low - degrees K General terms Sky Severe weather Advisory Watches Warning General terms Weather history Wind Speed (numeric) Speed (descriptive) Direction Predictions Condition Precipitation - rain / thunderstorm Precipitation - snow Precipitation - sleet / ice Precipitation - hail Humidity Numeric General terms Recorded precipitation Frozen (snow / ice) in 1/10 inches (999 = 99.9", b55 = 115.5") Liquid (rain) in 1/100 inches Frozen in millimeters Liquid in millimeters

1.2.2 Entertainment Music Movies Theatre (Plays) Theatre (Musicals) TV Ballet Folk Dance Nightclub dancing Alcohol
1.2.3 Sports Soccer Baseball Basketball
1.2.f Descriptions
1.2.f.1 Positive
1.2.f.1.1 Opinion / Quality
1.2.f.1.2 Size
1.2.f.1.3 Age
1.2.f.1.4 Shape
1.2.f.1.5 Color (see 05.f0 for specific colors)
1.2.f.1.6 Origin (see 02.02 for specific countries)
1.2.f.1.7 Material
1.2.f.1.8 Purpose (these adjectives will usually be included in a bigram noun concept)
1.2.f.2 Negative (same subs as 1.2.f.1)

1.3. Stock query
1.3.1 System functions Calendar Time Date Storage CPU / Memory Network Process

1.8 Food
1.8.1 Beverages Non-alcoholic Alcoholic
1.8.2 Produce Fruit Citrus Berries Tropical Temperate Melon Derived Vegetables Leafy Bunched Stalked Legumes Grains Nuts
1.8.3 Dairy
1.8.4 Seafood
1.8.5 Poultry
1.8.6 Butchery
1.8.a Sauces and condiments
1.8.b Spices
1.8.c Bakery
1.8.d Dessert
1.8.e Common Verbs
1.8.e.8.1 Food acquisition
1.8.e.8.2 Food processing
1.8.e.8.3 Food preparation
1.8.e.8.4 Food consumption
1.8.e.8.5 Beverage consumption
1.8.f Cooking
1.8.f.1 Methods
1.8.f.2 Tools

1.9 Clothing

1.a Shelter

1.b Around the neighborhood

2 Geography (linking object: "which contains") (linking object: "contained in") Attributes Size Units Elevation Population Climate [list] Industry [list] Commerce [list] Cuisine [list] Events [list]
2.1 Natural
2.1.1 North America
2.1.2 South America
2.1.3 Europe
2.1.4 Asia
2.1.5 Africa
2.1.6 Australia
2.1.7 Antarctica
2.1.8 Atlantic Ocean
2.1.9 Pacific Ocean
2.1.a Indian Ocean
2.1.b Arctic Ocean
2.2 Political
2.2.1 USA
2.2.1.f.a States
2.2.1.f.b Counties
2.2.1.f.c Cities (major)
2.2.1.xxxxx xxxxx = ZIP code of town referenced
2.2.2 Canada
2.2.81 Japan
2.3 Lat / Long
2.3.1 Latitude Degrees Minutes Seconds Hemisphere (1=N,2=S)
2.3.2 Longitude Degrees Minutes Seconds Hemisphere (1=E,2=W)
2.3.3z.z.9.9zz Maidenhead 6-digit grid (using full Latin charset (case insensitive): Bensalem, PA = 02033fn20md)
2.4 Names of specific places
2.4.1 Natural
2.4.2 Political International National Regional Local Municipal Educational Community Commercial Residential

3 Jobs

4 Education
4.fx -ology (the last 8 digits of this code match the first 8 digits of other Teknik categories)

5 Fine arts
5.1. Visual arts / Graphics
5.1.1. Primitives 0D,1D,2D shapes 3D shapes Tools Materials
5.2. Theater
5.3. Film
5.4. Radio drama
5.f0. Colors

6 Musical art

7 Literature
7.1 Concepts
7.1.1 Classes By Era By Location By Type Narrative NonFiction Narrative Fiction Essay Poetry Drama Technical Religious exposition
7.2 Common phrases
7.2.1 In Drama
7.2.2 In Narrative
7.2.3 In Religious exposition

8 Earth science

9 Biology

a Chemistry
a.1 Elements
a. Periodic Table
a.1.2 Attributes

b Physics

c Mathematics
c.1 Arithmetic
c.1.1 Operations
c. Addition
c. Subtraction
c. Multiplication
c. Division
c. Exponentiation
c. Logarithm
c.1.2 Comparisons
c.2 Number Theory
c.3 Algebra
c.4 Geometry
c.5 Trigonometry
c.6 Calculus
c.7 Algorithms

d Time
d.1 Days / Dates
d.1.1 Year (A.D.)
d.1.2 Year (B.C.)
d.1.3 Month + Day
d.1.4.1 week words
d.1.4.2 month words
d.1.5 Contextual date words
d.1.5.1 Last ...
d.1.5.2 This ...
d.1.5.3 Next ...
d.1.5.4 Holidays
d.2.HH.MM.SSs Hours, etc.
d.2.e AM/PM
d.2.f Contextual time words
d.2.f.1 Sun*
d.2.f.2 Moon*

e History

f Family
f.1 Male (see f.3 for subtopics)
f.2 Female (see f.3 for subtopics)
f.3 Generic
f.3.1.1 Direct ancestral
f. Ancestor
f. Descendant
f.3.2.1 Sibling (sibling, aunt/uncle, cousin)
f.3.3.1 In-law
f.3.4.1 Foster/adoptive
f.3.5.1 General person words

10 Psychology

11 Sociology

12 Criminology

13 Civics

14 Politics

15 Business

16 Religion

17 Language

18 Emotions

19 WIK (who I know -- internal data on users)
19.1 Fields
19.2 Intimate people
19.3 Close people
19.4 Aquaintances
19.5 Famous people
19.6 Friends of friends
19.7 Historical references
19.8 Brief mentions

1a. Fictional characters

1b. Internet / Library / Mass media
1b.1. WWW
1b.1.1. Web site
1b.1.1.1. General
1b.1.1.2. Yahoo
1b.1.1.3. Google
1b.1.1.4. Microsoft
1b.2 Internet protocols
1b.3 L33T
1b.4 Computer programming jargon
1b.40 Public library
1b.41. Private library
1b.80. TV Mass Media
1b.81. Domestic radio mass media
1b.82. Shortwave radio
1b.83. Newspaper
1b.84. Magazine
1b.ff. General

1c. Anatomy


80. Teknik tags
80.1. Untranslated words
80.1.1 Words
80.1.2. Proper names
80.2. Extended WIK
80.2.1. Next word = 7f*; followed by 19* - identifies an entity known to a
remote AI but not this one.

90 Classification of species
90.50 Based on codes taken from the Taxonomic Serial Number, as registered with ITIS, as maintained by the Smithsonian Institute. Positions 14-20 are a hexadecimal representation of the TSN.
91 Domestic pet & livestock breeds
91.01 Dog (See AKC)
91.01.01 Herding Group
91.01.02 Hound Group
91.01.03 Toy Group
91.01.04 Non-sporting Group
91.01.05 Sporting Group
91.01.06 Terrier Group
91.01.07 Working Group
91.01.08 Miscellaneous Group
91.01.09 Foundation Stock Service
91.02 Cat
91.03 Rabbit
91.04 Fowl
91.05 Horse
91.06 Pig
91.07 Cattle

fd Computer programming scripted functions
fd.1 Computer control
fd.1.1 System awareness
fd.1.2 Output commands
fd.1.2.1 Console text
fd.1.2.2 Video / graphics
fd.1.2.3 Audio / soundcard
fd.1.3 Data retrieval commands
fd.1.4 Networking commands
fd.2 Home/office automation

fe Computer programming primitives (initially via Euphoria)
fe.1 Input commands
fe.2 Output commands
fe.2.1 to screen
fe. numbers
fe. text
fe.2.1.3 mixed numbers & text
fe. in-line
fe. by chart
fe. by record
fe. by relational DB
fe.2.2 to file
fe.2.3 to printer
fe.2.4 to network (local)
fe.2.5 to internet
fe.3 Graphics commands
fe.4 Database commands
fe.5 Function primitives
fe.5.1 Flow control
fe.5.1.1 Loop start
fe.5.1.2 Loop stop
fe.5.1.3 Loop break
fe.5.1.4 Conditionals
fe.5.1.5 Returns
fe.5.1.6 Error control
fe.5.2 Operators
fe.5.2.1 Unary
fe.5.2.2 Binary
fe.5.2.3 Tertiary
fe.5.3 Math skills
fe.5.4 Skills that work on any type of data
fe.5.5 Array-based skills
fe.5.5.1 Skills that work on any type of array
fe. Instantiation
fe. Comparison
fe.5.5.2 Indexed array skills
fe.5.5.3 Associative array skills
fe.5.6 Typecasting skills
fe.10 C binding
fe.11 GTK+ binding
fe.12 wx binding
fe.13 Qt binding
fe.14 Win32 binding
fe.15 OpenGL binding
fe.fd Self-Documentation fields
fe.fe Data buckets
fe.fe.1 Basic constants
fe.fe.1.1 Logical
fe.fe.1.2 Mathematical
fe.fe.1.3 Scientific
fe.fe.1.4 Quantum
fe.fe.1.5 Cosmological
fe.fe.2 Defined constants
fe.fe.3 Defined numbers
fe.fe.4 Basic types
fe.fe.5 Defined types
fe.fe.6 Basic arrays
fe.fe.7 Defined indexed arrays
fe.fe.8 Defined Associative arrays
fe.fe.ff Parameter list
fe.ff Errors
fe.ff.1 Function loading error
fe.ff.2 Function saving error
fe.ff.3 Function calling error
fe.ff.>0f Runtime errors

ff Grammar
ff.1 Puctuation
ff.1.1 Linker
ff.1.2 Ender
ff.2 Function words
ff.2.1 Verbs
ff.2.1.1 State of being verbs
ff. Comparitive
ff. Modal
ff.2.1.2 Common action verbs
ff. Mental / Affective
ff. Whole body
ff. Lower body
ff. Upper body
ff. SensoryVocal
ff. Transmissive (with matching receptive)
ff. Receptive (with matching transmissive)
ff. Directional
ff. Possession
ff. Common personal care verbs
ff. Common farming/gardening/etc verbs
ff.2.1.5 Common business/academic verbs
ff. Commerce
ff. Office / Desk
ff. Industry
ff. Leadership
ff.2.2 Pronouns
ff.2.2.1 Personal pronouns (I,you,him,our)
ff.2.2.2 Demonstrative pronouns (this,that,these,those)
ff.2.2.3 Relative pronouns (who, which, whomever)
ff.2.2.4 Indefinite pronouns (anyone, someone)
ff.2.2.5 Intensive / Reflexive pronouns (myself)
ff.2.2.6 Interrogative (reserved: these are defined in ff.4)
ff.2.2.7 Reciprocal (each other, one another)
ff.2.3 Prepositions
ff.2.3.1 Location
ff. Proximity
ff. Distance
ff. Encompassing
ff. X-axis
ff. Y-axis
ff. Z-axis
ff.2.3.2 Direction
ff. Proximity
ff. Distance
ff. Encompassing
ff. X-axis
ff. Y-axis
ff. Z-axis
ff.2.3.3 Contrast
ff. Simile
ff. and
ff. but
ff. more/less
ff. replacing
ff.2.3.4 Transitional
ff.2.3.5 Time
ff. Past
ff. Present
ff. Future
ff.2.3.e Grammar markers (particles)
ff.2.3.f Other
ff.2.4 Conjunctions
ff.2.4.1 boolean
ff.2.4.2 Clause
ff.2.4.3 Conditional
ff.2.5 Adjectives
ff.2.5.f Grammatical
ff.2.5.f.1 Articles
ff.2.5.f.2 Determiners
ff.2.5.f.3 Quantifiers
ff.2.6 Adverbs
ff. Frequency
ff. Requests
ff. Location
ff. Intensity
ff.3 Numbers
*** Note: with numbers, the def'n holds the decimal value 000 ***
ff.3.1 Generic
ff.3.1.1 Units
ff. Positive integer
ff. Negative integer
ff. Positive decimal .001
ff. Negative decimal
ff.3.1.2 Thousands (subtopic IV follows ff.3.1.1)
ff.3.1.3 Millions (as above)
ff.3.1.4 Billions (as above)
ff.3.1.5& 10^12/15/... increments by 3.
ff.3.1.f 10^[18..20], begins scientific notation
ff.3.2 Dollars (as above)
ff.3.3 Yen
ff.3.4 Pounds
ff.3.5 Euros
ff.3.7 Pesos
ff.3.30 People
ff.3.31 Animals
ff.3.32 grams
ff.3.33 litres
ff.3.34 meters
ff.3.35 pounds
ff.3.36 gallons
ff.3.37 feet
ff.3.38 miles
ff.3.40 milliseconds
ff.3.41 seconds
ff.3.42 minutes
ff.3.43 hours
ff.3.44 days
ff.3.45 months
ff.3.46 years
ff.3.47 centuries
ff.3.48 millenia
ff.3.ff Special numbers
ff03ff00001 Times square root of negative 1
ff.4 Question types