I am trying to access http://localhost/phpmyadmin and I keep getting a connection error. Apache and MySql seem to be running fine. Any idea what the problem is?

Cannot connect to localhost

My first suspicion is a problem with your local firewall settings. Try turning off your Windows firewall (or the equivalent if you're running Mac or Linux) and see if the problem goes away. My second suspicion would be that Apache is shutting down as soon as it starts. Run xampp_setup (or verify your httpd.conf if using Apache directly without XAMPP) to make sure all the directories are set correctly.


not sure why this started happening - but my apache was stopping as soon as it started. fixed it :)

Cannot connect to localhost

I tried both of your suggestions and I am still unable to access the localhost. I noticed that you had another suggestion for WindowsXP:

"Usually this is because another web service is already running. Under Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, look to see if IIS is started. If so, stop it, and change the properties from automatic to disabled. This should allow you to start Apache."

I disabled IIS as well and still no luck...

Cannot connect to localhost

What is the OS and version of the computer you are trying to use?
What is the directory where xampp is installed (on your local hard drive or on the USB drive)?
Do you have an internet security package installed on your computer? There may be a separate firewall there that is blocking Apache from accepting requests.

Finally Connected

Norton was to blame. I turned of the firewall within Norton and I can now access my localhost. Thanks!